Update from Jeannie September 2012

Message from Jeannie in Zambia :

“We are fine here, and we started the new year with all our Grade 7 who sat for exams passed. This has been very good news to everyone in the community. They had their graduation ceremony last year just after finishing writing the exams. The womens sew the graduation gowns at school. It was very exciting as it was the first time the pupils have gone up to Grade 7.
We finally have the long awaited for electricity! We are happy, and it makes things easier. Thank you very much for the money, we bought a fridge, stove and WASHING MACHINE!! We haven’t yet started using the washing machine, waiting for Simply Red to come [who are coming to see about an electric pump for the water supply]. We hope to have running water in the house soon.
See the picture below of the pupils who graduated.”1st Grade 7 Graduation