Heal Project Update May 2022


School resumed on the 9th May with all children and staff attending.
Currently there are 320 children, and they are hoping to enrol more
this term due to popular demand for school places. There are 8 full
time teachers, 3 part time, and 4 general workers.

We are currently sending £2,500 per month but the exchange rate
from UK to Zambia is changing all the time. There was a change in
government in Zambia last year and the kwacha is strengthening
meaning the money we send results in less kwacha for the school.
Also the cost of living has increased and they are having to find ways
to cut costs, including cutting out chicken and beef in the school

We will try to increase the amount we spend, but, as with all charities
at the present time, fund raising is not easy.


There are 35 children currently living in the home – 20 girls and 15
boys, the youngest 3 years old and the eldest 16. They are all at
school near to where they live as the Heal Project school in Ngombe
is too far away for them to attend. School holidays are now over and
all children are back in school. The five eldest, ages 15 & 16 are
doing their final year grade 12.

Three students brought up in the home are beginning college
education. Floyd is at Fairview College studying food and nutrition
management, Charles is at Evelyn Hone College studying to become a
lab technician, and Theresa also at Evelyn Hone is studying to
become a physiotherapist. All three are being sponsored by private
donors who already donate to the Heal Project.

Jeannie had an eye operation and flu a few weeks ago but is now
much better.

They are busy preparing to sow seeds in the vegetable garden e.g.
tomatoes, onions, rape, cabbage, and pumpkin leaves which are easy
to grow.

The boys have just sold the last batch of chicken and have ordered
another 500 day old chicks to grow on for future sales.

Recently the home has received a large
donation of clothes and toys from a
charity in Amsterdam. They have also
bought new sofas and chairs for the
sitting room, all very gratefully
received by Jeannie and the children.

We are sending £1,000 per month and Jeannie has written to thank
us for our continued support of the home which means so much to
her and the children in her care.

We are grateful to all who donate funds and support us in the work in
Zambia. Thank you so much.

Joyce Ayles