Heal Project Update April 2017

We have received several reports from the Project.   Before Christmas we were able to send an extra month’s money to the school and orphanage as a bonus and to provide a few extras for the children and staff.

The following report has been received from the school:

‘We have had a busy time with the District Education Board (DEBS) with the process of teachers getting practicing licences and getting registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia.

The year 2016 ended on a happy note with all the pupils and the teachers, despite of the passing away of our late colleague Dennis Chinyanta.

We had a nice Christmas party for the school, and the staff had Christmas bonus pocket money, and everyone had a good time with their families.

All the sewing machines in the tailoring class were serviced, more materials were bought from the extra money we had before Christmas, the balance of which is still useful for lesson materials even now.

And in January 2017 the school opened with the pupils reporting for classes.  Last year we had the total number of 35 pupils who sat for grade 7 exams, and 30 passed and got places in grade 8, and the only five who didn’t do so well will repeat grade 7.   We have a number of 47 pupils who are going to sit for their grade 7 exams.   They have been registered, and have their photographs taken for the identity cards during the exams.   At present 300 children attend the school.

We are glad we will have more desks for our classes.   We need another classroom , and a house for the caretaker for security reasons, because the current one is almost collapsing.

As we are coming towards the end of the rain season we have started preparing the school garden planting vegetables and tomatoes.  We had lots of rain this year which is good for our maize.’

Racheal Mudenda – headmistress.

Children in class, with some sitting on the floor due to lack of desks

I noticed children having to sit on the floor so sent £1,000 for 20 new desks – sturdy construction as shown here.  Each desk seats two pupils, and I am glad to report these have now been delivered.

We are grateful for all the donations we receive – thank you so much.    

Joyce Ayles